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Data Management Workshop

The partners from Max Delbrück Center, who are responsible for the tasks related to FAIR data management and integration for the AI platform as part of work package 1 of the IMMEDIATE project, organised a workshop on data management today.

Hong Li led the workshop with the aim of educating IMMEDIATE partners on correct use of the Data Management Platform and suggesting updates to improve the data management plan.


The partners involved in Work Package 1 are working on creating an internal communication strategy to ensure that data is captured and stored in a structured way to minimise the risk of data loss and enable data sharing/reuse to increase efficiency during the project as well as the verifiability and longevity of research data even after the project ends.

Partners from all work packages participated and gave their views on the use of the data management platform, taking into account their project tasks. By organising this workshop, we have successfully reached another project milestone and are one step closer to our ultimate goal of identifying individual biomarkers of risk and resilience against chronic inflammation by investigating the diet-microbiome-metabolite-immune axis.

Read more about the work packages of the project here.