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Observational cohorts

To achieve the highly challenging scientific objectives of the project, IMMEDIATE will apply artificial intelligence and machine learning to three existing large prospective studies: 10k (Israel), NAKO, and KTX360°C (Germany).

These cohorts were planned and built from a multidisciplinary research perspective, thereby providing a large number of medical and life science researchers from various national and international institutions with access to the study resources including clinical data and a vast array of biospecimens.

The studies have at least two of the different types of biospecimen and analytical / omics modalities in common. Integrative data analysis, knowledge- and AI-based approaches will allow IMMEDIATE to infer robust networks of biomolecular, immune cellular and host-microbiome interactions and transfer these across cohorts to test for associations with lifestyle / environmental cues and disease outcomes. This will help achieve the goal of unravelling the interrelation of diet, microbiome, metabolites and chronic inflammation and their role in health-to-disease transition.

For additional information, you can visit the websites of the 10K and NAKO studies.