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The EU-funded research project IMMEDIATE strives to identify individual biomarkers of risk and resilience against chronic inflammation by investigating the diet-microbiome-metabolite-immune axis. This complex interaction refers to how an individual's diet, gut microbiota, metabolites, and immune system can influence their health.

IMMEDIATE will use cutting-edge technologies and clinical and metadata from large observational cohort studies to identify pre-disease stages and further our understanding of the mechanisms and molecular pathways underpinning non-communicable diseases. Furthermore, a proof-of-concept study on healthcare professionals will be conducted to test the effectiveness of a probiotic intervention and ultimately develop mobile apps designed to offer personalized lifestyle recommendations and empower citizens to manage their own health proactively.


01/01/2023 start date
48 months of duration
6.2 Mil € Budget
12 partners from 6 countries

Professor Dr med Friedemann Paul

Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin

As society and the environment change, we need novel prevention strategies for staying healthy. By expanding the overall understanding of chronic inflammation and health-to-disease transitions, we strive to provide citizens with personalised health guidance and innovative technological tools to reduce their risk of developing chronic diseases