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IMMEDIATE General Assembly meeting

On the 29th of November, the IMMEDIATE consortium gathered virtually for their first General Assembly meeting. Kindly hosted by the project coordinator Prof. Dr. med. Friedemann Paul, and co-coordinator, PD Dr. Chotima Böttcher from Charite, the meeting brought together approximately 25 partners. Nearly one year into the project, it offered an ideal opportunity to reflect on the past period, assess achievements, identify current challenges, and strategize collaborative solutions among partners. It provided a comprehensive overview of the progress within each work package, ensuring a seamless flow of information among all participants.


Prof. Dr. med. Friedemann Paul opened the meeting with a warm welcome and a brief introductory session, followed by presentations on the progress of each work package by respective representatives. The biggest discussion centered around ethical data management and the specifics of the Proof-of-Concept study.

The coordinators concluded the meeting by outlining the upcoming steps in project management. Additionally, at the end of the meeting, Prof. Dr. Kari Eklund and Dr. Lena Schleicher, the project coordinator and project manager of our sister project, Endotarget, joined to share their progress. The exchange of insights during this segment provided valuable perspectives on addressing similar challenges encountered in both projects.


The meeting provided a platform to share progress and foster collaboration among partners, setting a promising trajectory for the project's success. The next IMMEDIATE consortium gathering is scheduled for March 2024, when partners will meet face-to-face in Milan.