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Join our clinical trial study

We are looking for medical professionals to participate in our clinical trial study. We are investigating the effect of a 3-month supplementation of Akkermansia muciniphila on stress. We are looking for 200 active healthcare professionals working in high-stress departments (e.g. ICU, intensive care, trauma wards, surgery, internal medicine, delivery room, etc.) in shifts.

You will be invited to the examination 3 times:

  • before the intervention,
  • 1.5 months after the start of the study
  • 3 months after the start of the study.

During this period you will take Akkermansia muciniphila or placebo at all times - selection will be randomised.

At the end of the 3 months of the study, you will receive a Voucher worth PLN 1000 ≈ 215 EUR!

You are:

  • 18-70 years old
  • You have worked for a minimum of 1 year in a healthcare facility
  • Have at least 1 on-call shift per month/work shifts
  • You have a BMI below 30kg/m2

You have no neurological disease, inflammatory bowel disease, or diabetes, are not taking metformin, corticosteroids, or proton pump inhibitors and are not currently pregnant or breastfeeding


  • the secretariat of the PUM Medical Simulation Centre, 50 Klonowica Street, Szczecin. Telephone: 48 91 810 62 01
  • registration questionnaire: link