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World Digestive Health Day

With World Digestive Health Day today, we raise awareness about the importance of prioritising digestive wellness under the theme: "Your Digestive Health: Make It A Priority."

The human digestive system is the centre of the IMMEDIATE project aimed at identifying individual biomarkers of risk and resilience against chronic inflammation. With a focus on the diet-microbiome-metabolite-immune axis, we delve into the intricate relationship between dietary choices, gut microbiota, metabolites, and immune responses.

Chronic inflammation is increasingly implicated in various health conditions, from cardiovascular diseases to gastrointestinal disorders. Through our collaborative efforts, we aim to unravel the complex mechanisms underlying chronic inflammation susceptibility.

By understanding how diet influences inflammatory processes, we aim to enhance preventive strategies and empower individuals to take more control of their well-being. Prioritise your digestive health for a healthier future.