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Sanprobi is a company involved in production, marketing and distribution of tailor made, high quality, evidence based probiotics targeting irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), metabolic health, obesity, metabolic health, intestinal barrier and general health, sport people and athletes, stress and mental disorders, prevention of surgical site infection and liver, bone health and osteoporosis. The Sanprobi Research and Development Centre is a state-of the art laboratory with extensive experience in the field of general, environmental and industrial microbiology as well as biotechnology. Sanprobi applies innovative technology to conduct the quality assessment of probiotic products. In parallel, scientific research is carried out to constantly complement the knowledge about the structure and operation of the intestinal barrier, as well as the treatment of intestinal disorders. This knowledge will also constitute the foundations for the development of new products. The scientific research and projects related to microorganisms taking place at Sanprobi combine the methods of classical microbiology, molecular biology, flow cytometry and mass spectrometry.

Role within IMMEDIATE

After obtaining clinical metadata from a clinical trial with Akkermansia muciniphila MucT (PAM), we will determine the gut microbiota composition in healthy medical workers (n=200, three time points). We will quantitatively examine the profiles of short-chain fatty acids in participants' feces. In addition, we will assess markers of intestinal barrier integrity. We will provide biomaterials for -omics analyses (metagenomics, metabolomics) and for assessment of host inflammatory mediators (using OLINK and CyTOF). The findings will provide insight into the interrelationships between the microbiome, metabolome, immunome, and intestinal barrier markers and will allow a mechanistic analysis of the observed parameters in this group of patients.

Main contacts

Photo of Igor Łoniewski
Igor Łoniewski

WP3 Leader, MD, PhD, CEO

Photo of Mariusz Kaczmarczyk
Mariusz Kaczmarczyk

Bioinformatician, MD, PhD

Photo of Anna Wierzbicka-Woś
Anna Wierzbicka-Woś

Senior Researcher, PhD

Photo of Danuta Cembrowska-Lech
Danuta Cembrowska-Lech

Senior Researcher, PhD

Photo of Daniel Styburski
Daniel Styburski

Researcher, PhD

Photo of dr Katarzyna Sielatycka
dr Katarzyna Sielatycka

Flow Cytometry Specialist, Biotechnologist